Have you ever walked along your path we call life and you felt you have not accomplished much? I know I have had this gnawing feeling multiple times in my life. It’s confusing, uncertain, unfamiliar, distracting and so many crazy feelings. I have been going through a strange phase and transition in my life. There is a struggle that has been erupting inside of me, making me wonder; “What have I accomplished, what have I done with my life?” You might not relate or you might be thinking that this is very close to home. The truth is, we are all human, we have emotions and we are allowed to feel them. When I started to appreciate myself and my emotions, my thoughts started to change in a very interesting way.

I notice how hard we are on ourselves, including myself. Sometimes we forget to breath and thank our lungs for letting us take in another beautiful breath. I noticed I got caught up in my thoughts and the maze that it took me through. It bothered me that this was what consumed me, so I decided I wanted to change this pattern and process of thought. Instead of thinking of what I had not accomplished, I thought about the beautiful things that I have experienced throughout my 29 years in this body. I have been able to travel and meet amazing people around the world. I have helped people, I have laughed, danced, written, experienced a variety of emotions but most of all I’ve been raw and vulnerable.

Appreciation can be hard to hold onto, especially when it comes to appreciating ourselves. We are our worst enemy and that can take a tole on our emotions and feelings. We and our thoughts are powerful, so we need to take the time to better understand those thoughts. Appreciation isn’t always easy but learning how to can be. If you look at how beautiful the sky is, enjoy a hike, enjoy music or any tiny things that can mean so much in your life, it can affect you in different ways. It is about taking those baby steps to get somewhere bigger, higher and faster towards changing those thoughts into appreciative ones.

I noticed my thoughts evolved because I chose to appreciate 3-5 things per day. I started to think more about things that made me smile, I felt less stress, people said they saw a difference in my demeanor and the way I handled situations. I believe that appreciating can help you to grow and feel less of whatever emotions that are building inside of you. I will give you an example of 3 things I chose to appreciate in one day. I opened my eyes and appreciated that I was still breathing, I was grateful for the beautiful weather and blue skies and I was able to walk three miles. I was able to observe my surroundings and my being. It helped to give me a perspective and understanding of my life and the beauty that is in it.

Give yourself the space and time you need, even if you don’t know what you want. Just because you appreciate something, doesn’t mean that you aren’t an emotional person with feelings. It’s okay if some days are not that great and you’re feeling down. That is a big part of life and you can also appreciate that. It doesn’t have to be in the moment, but it’s great we have the ability to feel and understand our needs and wants. We are all working towards bigger and better things, and it’s about YOUR process not the ideas of others.

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