We live in a comfortable bubble, hoping that it will never pop, hoping that we can stay in this everlasting bliss of content. But at the same time, how will we learn, live, explore, grow, feel, find depth or meaning if we don’t experience the discomfort and uneasiness. We see the world as the grass being greener on the side. Sometimes to put it bluntly the grass is just green. There doesn’t necessarily need to be a meaning or definition behind it. Sometimes all you can do is be willing to move away from the comfort that you think brings you everything you need. What we all need in life is a time to learn and explore ourselves, so we can keep understanding a definition of life that works well for us. That doesn’t mean my definition is the same as yours.

Perhaps my way of learning is to travel and expand my knowledge, while yours could be reading books and understanding some of the most intelligent people that have lived on this earth. There are so many ways in which we can grow and still be comfortable. The more you get to know and love yourself, the easier it gets to go through these changes and growing pains. It is about taking chances, being willing to be vulnerable and allowing yourself the freedom to feel what is pulsating through your mind, body and soul. When I am say this, I am talking about a journey that works for you even it it’s the most uncomfortable experience. I cannot tell you how to deal with or walk along your path, but I can suggest ways in which might help and allow you to ease your way through it. The fact that you are willing to do it, is already a big step.

Comfort isn’t going to help you to change or help you to expand as a person. Doing the same thing day in and day out doesn’t bring you much. Maybe it feels good and stable, but life isn’t always going to be stable. The things you think will stay in your life, might not always be there and that’s something you will learn to accept as time goes on. Comfort doesn’t broaden your mind or allow you to grow. If you want to be a better person spiritually, mentally or physically, how can you do that if you are sitting at home doing nothing. You have to be willing to make the leap into something that is uncertain, knowing that you will learn something out of it, even if you don’t succeed the first couple of times.

When you create your own comfort, it is easier to take on the hurdles that are thrown at you. The one person you should rely on the most is yourself. If you build that bond and that relationship, you don’t have to look for it in other things or people. Lets say you’re not having a great day, but you’ve taken the steps to build yourself, it will be easier for you to know how to comfort yourself. It could be as simple as knowing to meditate, write, dance, laugh, cook an amazing meal or whatever you feel is right for you. By providing your own comfort you can take on challenges more easily and effectively. The more you are there for yourself as a whole, the easier it is for you to tackle the hurdles that come out of no where.

There are rarely times in life that the universe will let you stay comfortable, especially when you’re putting energy out that you need a change. If you are tired of your job, relationship, not happy with your image, not challenged or anything else that isn’t providing you with movement and growth, the universe will take that as a signal to shake things up. As much as it may hurt or be uncomfortable in the beginning, it was meant to happen. There are different ways in which you can view situations, instead of seeing them in a negative light, you can try and find the positive or you can find a way that makes it more clear as to why it occurred. Lets say you hate your job, all you do is complain about it, you haven’t made an effort to look for another one but you prefer to complain about it. The universe is going to here that as, “I need a better opportunity in my life.” This will start the movement of pushing you out of your job and eventually sending you something better and more suitable for you. We are human, we are meant to grow and feel uncomfortable and the universe wants that so we can keep expanding and learning.

As we take our journey along life’s path, we have the beautiful feeling of comfort, but we will also feel the intense feelings of growing pains and change. These are both amazing feelings and incite many emotions. Yes we struggle, we laugh, we cry, we fall, we get confused but we pick ourselves back up and we keep moving. We keep making the choice to grow from the unknown and the uncertain. There’s nothing wrong with being unsure or not knowing your way. Accept the emotions that are coming and know that there is a new kind of comfort that is being built and discovered.

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