Life Coaching


Life coaching is… a direction in which you can learn more about yourself. The sessions are about you and how you can engage more and grow into the person that you are striving to be. Do you find that you are stuck in your job, career, relationship or is there something you want to change for yourself?  It is a non-therapeutic transformation. It allows you the space to explore you.

I see people as a huge puzzle made of glorious pieces and I help them to put themselves back together piece by piece. I show them sides of themselves they aren’t quite sure they have or might not be able to see. I work at a speed that feels comfortable, but I am also honest about observations I notice. This allows room for growth and learning.

I work with a variety of people from age, culture, sexuality and gender. Confidence, transformation and existentialism are my main niche, and I use them with a vast range of techniques that I have learned when I trained at Animas Center for Coaching. I am an energy healer as well and I use my intuition and knowledge of energy to help people further along their path. If you are interested in knowing more information or just have some burning questions, please contact me and we can have a chat about what it is I do and what you are looking to get out of these sessions.



This is the link to the school where I studied: