I have had the opportunity to experience a reiki session with Jodi and I believe she has a gift. My energy came right back to me. I felt reinvigorated and relaxed at the same time. I have owned a spa and talk by experience. I highly recommend her!
- Leociana H. 

I didn't know what to expect from a Reiki session. It wasn't something that understood, nor can I explain what it is to you now. What I can tell you is the experience I've had.

I wouldn't have tried Reiki with anyone else. I already knew Jodi well and trusted her. She understood my skepticism, as many people are when they first learn about the practice. The part that made it even harder to believe was that we weren't even in the same country. I was in New York and Jodi was in London at the time. I had heard enough about Reiki, trusted Jodi, and was at a point in my life where I was open to any possible help I could receive.

Jodi was very patient in answering all of the questions I had before we started. She explained to me what I should do and expect. We set up a time, hopped on a video call, put on some meditative music, and I laid down, closed my eyes, and let Jodi work. Throughout the session, Jodi would ensure my comfort and continue to guide me through the process. It's hard to explain the feelings I had during the session, but I was comfortable and at ease in Jodi's presence.

After the first session, Jodi debriefed me on what she noticed and we talked about my experience. In the time following the session, I felt a positive, comforting energy surrounding me. My head seemed more clear and I was open to taking the chances that were presenting themselves. This is what I needed. I was going through a break up of a long term relationship and moving out of the state I had grown up in to take a chance on the next chapter in my life.

When I reach out to Jodi I feel like she is able to more acutely understand how I am feeling, even when I am unwilling to express it verbally. When I've gotten low, unmotivated, and reclusive, talking to Jodi I feel like there's a little more pep in my step and I've got some “zoom.” I feel more clear, open to guidance, motivated, and personable.

If you have ever considered Reiki before and didn't know who to turn to, talk to Jodi.

If you have tried Reiki before and were not fully comfortable, talk to Jodi.

If you are feeling like “Something's gotta give in my life, I don't know what to do!” talk to Jodi.

- Kaelin M.

As a long distance client of Jodi's i can say her reiki energy has gone above and beyond what i expected. After an awful breakup for two plus years, Jodi's reiki immediately brought me back to my feet. Within weeks i was feeling more like myself than i had felt in years. Her energy was immediately transferred to me. Positivity and contentment overcame me as soon as Jodi's reiki started. I can say without a doubt, within weeks i was back to myself, with a noticeable change from my friends and family. Jodi thank you so much! You are truly #1.

-Rachel H

I had no idea what life coaching entailed. I had trouble identifying my needs and communicating them with others. Jodi is very thoughtful, affirming, and generous. She helped me to define boundaries for myself. Jodi is  natural!
- Diana L. 


My Reiki sessions helped with relief of the pain and with healing of pelvic fractures. This type of therapy is unique and innovative. I encourage everyone to try this method of therapy and become a believer in positive energy healing!

Eileen W.

 I had no reservations about working with her, but slight reservations about opening up and feeling vulnerable talking about my deepest thoughts. I had moved to a different country, leaving behind a lot of my social circle and family, and not being able to work left a lot of time to feel lonely and homesick. My biggest challenge was raising my self-esteem, learning what I want to aim for in my career, and to be happier in both professional and personal relationships. It has been eye-opening! After a session I feel like I have cleaned another corner of my mind and organized my thoughts.  I learned that there are things I can control and things that I can't. The things that I can control like body image pushed me to join a kickboxing class and take classes. I also feel more confident to apply for jobs I genuinely want and can't wait to put this into practice. The things I cannot control- I have learned to exercise patience and understanding with.  I have had therapy sessions before, but I felt them to be less interactive and... kind of clinical. They helped but it took a very long time to feel it. With Jodi I have many aha moments in a short 60 minutes from her carefully placed responses and questions, which she chooses with intention to lead me to my own answers. Its a great skill she has. Her intuition is so finely tuned that she can detect tone and even breathing changes when I speak, which always leads to more aha moments. Its great. 

- Zari R.

I've known Jodi for a number of years, we were the same major in college and always had a very special connection.  She has always been a kind and gentle spirit, I am confident in her calling as an energy healer.  Back in December, I received a text from Jodi after not being in touch for a number of years.  She had a dream that we were together at a party and walked out into a clearing with mountains. She said there were snakes everywhere and that I had tamed them all. She woke and immediately told me about her dream.  I didn't understand the significance at the time, but she had reached out and offered to heal and perform Reiki.  We weren't able to meet so we did a session via FaceTime.  I had never experienced, nor understood the real implications behind energy transferring.  But exactly a week later I was able to remove myself from a very unhealthy relationship that I felt stuck in for years.  After the healing she stated that I would most likely be very emotional and a lot of feelings would come to head.  They sure did.

My summation of the dream and Jodi re-entering my life after so many years came months later when she had texted me again; Randomly saying I had popped into her head and sent me healing and love from wherever she was in the world at the time.  I found out a few days later that the man that I was with for several years was in fact talking and then dating a girl from the time that Jodi had reached out initially.  Call it a coincidence but she seems to manifest at these perfect moments when real truth reveals itself to me.  I believe Jodi is a protector of powerful energy. She has a different sense connected to its deep influential meanings.  To be able to pull and transfer different energies from the universe is a gift, which makes me believe Jodi is fully qualified.  I thank her for much of my process and development through all of these challenging transitions in my life. I confide in her.  Love you, Jodi!!

Taylor C.